22 Dec 2021

The pair then fulfilled at another area, and Hastie found myself in the backseat with the older manaˆ™s vehicle

The pair then fulfilled at another area, and Hastie found myself in the backseat with the older manaˆ™s vehicle

The 25-year outdated from Albion playground, south of Wollongong, install a phony profile on under the name of aˆ?Alexaˆ™ throughout the bisexual and homosexual social networking and dating internet site Grindr, before getting working.

Their visibility shortly drawn the attention of an older people, whom Mr Hastie wooed for two-weeks, exchanging a number of intimately direct information and calls.

The pair decided to see at an authorities people Youth nightclub on a Wednesday. The elderly man turned up, but aˆ?Alexaˆ™ wouldn’t.

Mr Hastie later called to apologise, additionally the vulnerable victim approved provide him an extra possibility.

The pair subsequently fulfilled at another location, and Hastie experienced the backseat associated with the earlier manaˆ™s car.

Mr Hastie subsequently stated aˆ?You were pingedaˆ?, telling the prey he was an undercover police and this a disk inside the hands was a tracker that would be used to push more officers for the location.

aˆ?You donaˆ™t need certainly to state not anything you create state can be utilized as evidence in courtaˆ?, Mr Hastie informed the person.

Hastie next searched the victimaˆ™s car.

The more mature man approved Hastieaˆ™s demand for $2,000 and continuing services.

aˆ?If your donaˆ™t most of the transcripts [and] photographs shall be probably policeaˆ?, Mr Hastie threatened.

The prey then drove to a regional searching heart, withdrew the cash and gave they for the younger guy.

aˆ?If you actually ever try this once again, Iaˆ™ll find you and break your feetaˆ?, Hastie informed.

The target afterwards identified that issues werenaˆ™t rather best, and contacted law enforcement.

Pleas of accountable

The kidnapping charge ended up being later on taken.

The problem arrived before Magistrate Peter Thompson in Wollongong town judge in which Mr Hastie pleaded guilty and had been sentenced to a full phase of 20 several months in jail and at least name of 9 months.

Impersonating an officer in NSW

Point 546D of Crimes Act prescribes a max punishment of two yearsaˆ™ imprisonment for individual that impersonates a police officer.

The maximum enhances to seven age the spot where the individual aˆ?purports to work out a power or work as a police officeraˆ™.

Significantly, the section produces a protection where conduct is aˆ?solely for satirical purposesaˆ™; such as for instance videos or a prank.

The offence of blackmail in NSW

Section 249K of this Crimes operate set straight down a maximum penalty of years in prison for crime of blackmail, which will be in which you produces any unwarranted requirements with menaces making use of the aim of:

The most boosts to 14 decades in which the person threatens to commit a significant indictable offence, in fact it is any offense that carries an optimum punishment of at least five yearsaˆ™ imprisonment.

Samples of significant indictable offences include larceny (stealing), attack occasioning genuine physical damage, burglary etc.

Section 249L details that a demand with menaces is actually aˆ?unwarrantedaˆ™ unless unless anyone thinks that he / she provides sensible grounds for making the demand and fairly feels your utilization of the menaces try a suitable method of reinforcing the requirements.

In any event, its immaterial perhaps the menaces relate to move to be taken from the person putting some need.

Part 249N defines the terms aˆ?gainaˆ™, aˆ?obtaining a gainaˆ™, aˆ?lossaˆ™ and aˆ?causing a lossaˆ™.

A aˆ?gainaˆ™ is understood to be any gain in funds and other belongings, whether temporary or permanent, and includes maintaining exactly what you have.

aˆ?obtaining a gainaˆ™ include getting an increase for oneself or another individual.

A loss try a loss in cash or any other land, whether temporary or permanent, and includes not receiving what a person might get.

aˆ?causing a lossaˆ™ consists of creating a loss to another person.

Going to trial?

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