16 Dec 2021

Later a year ago, Harvey in addition to more youthful Combs ignited news about their relationship

Later a year ago, Harvey in addition to more youthful Combs ignited news about their relationship

Evidently, three’s company during the Combs household also

On Wednesday night, Sean “Diddy” Combs was photographed with his rumored girlfriend, Lori Harvey, on a night call at Soho. The 22-year-old unit is actually well-known tvs individuality Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. She has was the star in a campaign for LA-based garments brand cute bit Thing and enriched the runway for Dolce & Gabbana. Their posse of BFFs includes Teyana Taylor, pop music celebrity Normani Kordei, and unit Jasmine Sanders. Oh, and she also apparently dated Diddy’s daughter, Justin Combs.

reputation whenever Combs shaded the girl on Instagram if you are papped together with other men. Several months later, they hung down at Diddy’s ultra Bowl celebration. Across same opportunity, but Harvey was also connected to Trey Songz, upcoming, and millionaire race vehicles driver Lewis Hamilton. The sought-after beauty actually got a callout in Meek Mill’s tune “Going worst” (i acquired Lori Harvey back at my wish list / That’s the only thing i would like for Christmas). Whilst the level of Harvey and Combs’ commitment may not be uncovered, the messy hearsay are sure to impact father-son characteristics.

Harvey seemingly have no qualms about becoming caught with what could be the more shameful really love triangle in previous record. For the newest paparazzi photos of her and Diddy, she’s blinking a toothy smile. The 49-year-old rap artist, conversely, looks straight-faced and caught off guard. The potential May-December couples were fueling online dating hearsay since March, eating at Nobu in Malibu and attending a music event in Miami, TMZ reports. Root for Diddy have actually refuted the gossip, declaring the two are merely parents friends, although brand new pictures of them—in complimentary striped apparel no less—will undoubtedly fan the fires.

In safety with the families company theory, Harvey’s social media appeal attests to their historical

Nonetheless, Twitter was actually ablaze on Thursday with reactions for the confusing prefer triangle. Highlighting Diddy’s taken-aback appearance in one of the photos, one individual typed, “Diddy seem like damn you have got me personally.” Another jokingly speculated, “Lori Harvey dumped Diddy’s boy to become his stepmother.”

If these newest photo really are confirmation of the internet dating rumors, the Combs group is during for most unpleasant getaway dinners—or one most dramatic bout of families conflict.

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